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English Blog Writing: A complete guide for new writers

Unlike other businesses, writing does not have a manual. It is only limited to one’s imagination. There are no strict rules to follow, that is the reason writing is a task people usually get lost at sea.

Blog is a name given to weblogging. It is like a fine art. You could create and convince people of your perceptions. It all depends on how persuasive you are in your blog writing.    

A blog writing is a kind of journal you maintain online. It simply is a way of sharing your thoughts with the world. It could be about anything. The only mantra to write a successful blog is to keep it engaging for the audience. The question that remains is how to make it engaging.

As you know, there is no typical rule book to follow. Anything interesting to the audience is a success and will attract more traffic to your webpage. It should be easy to read, informative, and entertaining. In the end, we all want to be happy about the time we spent especially on a blog. We know that a blog is not the only form of content creation. It has a long list of competitors. Out of that list, if someone has to choose a blog, then it needs to be appealing enough.


How to begin and finish with fineness

If you are a new bee to this arena, then there are a few things you need to learn before getting into the game. The primary requisite is a good imagination, followed by proficiency in the language, and savvy enough to conduct thorough research on the topic at hand. Language and research part could be managed with the help of tools available online, but imagination is something that can’t be helped.

It is your best side that needs to be presented and you need to think creatively. If you are working as a professional content creator then you may even have deadlines. So how to tackle all this and still write a great blog?

These are some cheat codes you could use to create a blog.


  • Deciding the topic: First, think of a topic you want to engage in. It need not be something you are well versed with. Pick one, and take, for example, a travel blog.


Imagine you have recently been to a holiday destination and had a lot of fun. You were enthralled by all the overwhelming experiences you had there. Now you wish to tell it to the world and want other people to experience it for themselves. The only way you know is to write about it. When you know something better than others you will find it easy to communicate. That is how you should think while preparing the topic for your blog.


  • Research helps: After finalizing the topic the next thing is to conduct thorough research. You need all the information you can get on your topic. Search the internet for more information and collect them for reference.


And as you are supposedly writing a travel blog, you need all the information on how to get there and how much it is going to cost. In this scenario, you already have that information with you. But for further details that you probably missed during your stay like other locations nearby could be searched on the internet.


Collect them all before starting to blog. This will give you a better load of information to bombard the blog with. Also, think of the target audience. Research their preferences, age group, habits online, etc, and then think of ideas to allure them.  


  • A great headline to start with: If you are at this stage, you have already crossed a huge hurdle. If you need the audience to read your blog, you must have an interesting title that will induce curiosity in them. There are many ways to do it and there are also tools available online to help you. The heading should reveal the topic being discussed further in a way that the reader would want to read it.


  • Write down an outline: Now that you have all the necessary information and a great heading you could go in the direction of creating an outline that will act as a structure for your blog. Write all the information down and arrange them in a sequence that will make sense.


Taking our example of the travel blog, start from your day one of travel and follow through the sequence of events till the end. Write in a way that each event is connected to the next so that it would be easy for the readers to follow your journey.  


  • Create magic with vivid descriptions: After the structure of the blog has been laid down, now try to fill the gaps with details of the topic. As we are considering a travel blog as an example, let’s say that fill the structure with vivid descriptions. let the audience feel what you felt. Use your imagination to simply bring down your experiences to the blog.


  • List out and give bulletins: To create a concise and time-saving blog, list out all the essentials with a bulletin that will give the gist of the points written. In one go the reader should feel that the topic has covered all the relevant points. And it usually encourages the reader to go through the blog and reach the end.


  • Write when you feel right: if are a writer you might have come across the term writer’s block. It usually clouds the writer’s mind and the writing becomes mechanical. That is when the topic loses touch. Don’t let that happen to you. Let it pass through. Relax and do something else for a while, and only get back when you are ready.


  • Resolution to the problem you posed: You might want to give a resolution to the problem you posed in your blog, without which, it will leave the audience unsatisfied and lost. Remember, if there was a problem you faced in your travel experience, that you mentioned in your blog, it becomes your obligation to give a satisfactory solution to that problem. Only then the blog is going to feel complete.


  • Search Engine Optimization: Every blogger should know this term. The whole purpose of posting a blog online is that it gets read. It gets read only when found by the audience. To be found it must contain keywords that are popular on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking list. You can find these keywords online with Google Keyword Planner and similar tools.   


  • Edit judiciously: Once your blog has taken its complete form, you need to edit it carefully. You need to avoid redundancy. Cut every line that is digressing. Make sure all the lines are relevant and in a logical order.  Cut that extra fat out and make it healthy and palatable at the same time for the audience.


  • Proofreading: After the editing, you need to check for mistakes, both grammatical and logical. It is often difficult for the writer to proofread his blog by himself.  It is better to get someone experienced person to do that for you.


  • Afterward:  At the very end you will publish your work. Once there is sufficient material for the audience you could start promoting your blog. It needs to reach the audience far and wide. For that, you need to market your website on social media and other platforms.



Remember, these tips are meant to guide you, but it's important to find your own style and adapt them to your unique blogging journey. Becoming a skilled blog writer takes time and continuous improvement. Be open to feedback, stay curious, and keep exploring new topics and writing techniques. With dedication and practice, you can create compelling, informative, and engaging blogs that resonate with your audience. Stay updated with trends and industry news, and foster authenticity and transparency in your writing.

When you are through all the painstaking steps, you could call yourself successful in English blog writing.


Final Words..


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