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Importance of Originality and Fresh Content for SEO Success

There is no shortage of content in the online space making it difficult to grab the attention of your audience. This is exactly why you need to ensure that the content on your pages is new, fresh and above all original! Remember that when you add content to your website, it should add value and stand out from everything that is already available on the internet. Let`s quickly see how you can create original content and stay ahead of the competition.


Originality is the Key

If you want Google to rank your content, you should strive to write something that is accessible and useful for your target audience. This means that your information should be easy to access and should add value. You should write something that is not yet available in other blogs, articles or websites. Note that original content need not always be new content.  Your angle to a certain story is what makes your content unique and original. In that sense, original content could also be an overview of older information. You can also structure the existing information nicely and make it better than it was before. The thing to note is that the information you put out there should be valuable. Ensure that you are not just writing content but that you are actually publishing resources for your audience.


The Audience is the King

When creating original content, there is an important aspect to keep in mind- your audience. What do you wish to talk about to those who visit your site? What will be the main message of your piece? What is the purpose? What do you expect your audience to do after they have read your article? Do you want to engage, buy your products or read more posts? Having a clarity about these questions and doing adequate audience research will help give you direction and write original content that your audience will actually want to read.

The next thing to consider is the search intent that a particular user has when they land on your page. You may want them to buy your products or register for a newsletter. Either way, it should fit with what they want. If someone is looking for information and they land on a page where you are pushing your products, you might lose them. Think about the search intent of your audience and you will be able to tailor your content to suit their search intent.


Keyword Research Rules

Although an original angle is the way to write amazing and SEO friendly content, the importance of proper keyword research cannot be undermined. If you wish to rank higher and attract more traffic to your site, you should focus on your efforts on search terms that people are actually searching for. If you execute your keyword research properly, you will have a long list of search terms that you want to be found for. When writing content based on these terms, you improve chances of being shown when someone searches for them.


Be Original Enough to Stand Out

When you have keywords that attract the right people to your website, you need to write something around those specific keywords. It`s highly recommended to do some research into what content is already out there on the internet. You don’t want risk repeating the same story that’s already been told many times. We know that creating high-quality content isn’t easy! Our content writing agency in Calicut can help. We assist you in creating rich and user-friendly content in a natural way and in turn improve your rankings!


Staying Original Vs Wanting Clicks

Checking out the competition gives one idea of what to write about a particular topic. This isn’t all bad, however, you do need to keep in mind that your content should be original. Why should Google rank your page if there’s already something similar out there on the internet? Getting inspired by what others write is totally fine, but make sure to write from your own unique angle. You don’t want to just be one of many and you shouldn’t focus on getting those clicks alone.


What Next?

Original content is the first thing you need to put your time and focus on when writing quality SEO-friendly content. Writing original blog posts is undoubtedly a great way to drive the right audience to your website. When you focus on the right keywords, original content can act as a real boost for your rankings and business. It is also a great way to show your audience that you’re an expert in your particular niche and can be trusted. Once you’ve done your research and have created original content, you should focus on your post's readability. Your idea could be totally fresh and original, but if your text is not easy to digest, your message will get lost in the process.

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